Born and raised in France, Dylan left his hometown after high school in order to study Film in Los Angeles, CA. Art always being his passion, he turned it into a professional career at a very young age. He now works in the very selective field of international fashion photographers, being based in the US and Europe. 

Dylan Perlot's work has been published in numerous well-known publications such as:  Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, V Magazine, Time, Numéro, Gay Times, Nylon, Schön!, Dujour etc. Moreover, his short fashion experimental film “Life” got recognition worldwide with notable awards in different countries.

Creating has always been what he loves to do the most, and combining many elements such as: people, fashion, and places are his best way to tell stories. His inspiration comes from different kinds of arts mixed with childhood in Europe memories and new life culture in America. It helped him shape his own photography style known to be unique for its edge, sharpness and softness.  

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